‘Yogaha Karmasu Kaushalam’ (BG 2/50)

In this verse from the Bhagavat Gita Lord Krishna advises Ajuna to execute actions in a skillful manner. It translates to ‘Yoga is skillfulness in your actions.’ And it means to perform all actions in life with full awareness and detachment to the outcome. 

Yoga is a way of life, not something we only do on a fancy yoga mat.

Our yoga mat opens up a beautiful space though in which we can learn about the yogic principles in a playful way and in which we can take care of ourselves. 

In my Asana classes I incorporate the practice of Pranayama – breath work – and the practice of meditation and I feed you little sweet pieces of my understanding of the yogic tradition.

Pranayama is a big part of my own routine. Breath work can push through energetic blockages and activate and balance our life energy. It is a wonderful preparation for your meditation practice as well. 

Chances are very hight that I will bring my Tibetian Singing Bowls to sooth you with the healing sound and vibrations during your practice. 

Let’s practice and heal together.

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