A Yogic model views our existence as 5 layers – the 5 Koshas.

Our energetic body – the second layer – connects our physical body with the deeper dimensions. Everything we experience through our physical body affects our energy body and through the energetic body our mind, our emotions, our sense of ourselves and our most inner layer the bliss body – the deep sense of contentment, which lies within all of us – are affected. It works in the opposite direction as well. Emotions for example change our energetic body, which can manifest as a physical symptom.

As a Yoga Instructor and Health Practitioner I work mostly with the energy body and through it on all 5 layers of your existence. The intention of my work is to bring imbalances to the surface – to your consciousness – and to balance the flow of Prana – life’s energy – within you.

Working together will not only bring more balance to your whole system, but will empower you to work on your healing yourself – as you will slowly learn to observe and to listen.

Healing is a deep journey and I feel honoured, if you choose to walk some of it with me on your side.

Much Love,


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