In my early twenties my life took a unexpected turn. I was just settling in my job at a big corporation. For a brief moment I thought I could do the whole corporate world career life thing. I was very lucky and worked with awesome people and had a truly inspiring boss. But very soon I started to experience health issues, felt drained all the time and couldn’t get rid of the feeling that there must be more to life and that I am called to do something else.

A few months before I had given my twin brother a book about finding your vocation, as he wanted to go back to school. I put quite some research into picking the book for him, so I knew exactly what I had to read. It was more like a work book with lots of psychological exercises with the main goal to filter through influences of society, family and friends to connect to YOUR calling.

Simultaneously I started to see different alternative health practitioners, because traditional medicine didn’t have anything to offer for me at this point in my life. I wanted to heal on a deep level and was ready to put in the work my healing journey would require.  

During that time my Nana got diagnosed with cancer. Witnessing her going through multiple chemos and seeing her suffer from the side effects, made me question the way traditional medicine is dealing with illness. The wish to have access to other resources to support people’s healing grew strongly within me.

Inspired by the wonderful practitioners who supported my healing journey and my way to connect to my true self more and more, I decided to do the German Naturopathy program.

At first I was intimidated to talk to people about my decision, as I was afraid of being judged. It was very reassuring though to share my decision, as most people weren’t surprised at all. It was as if they were just waiting for me to follow my calling.

Ever since my life has been a wild and beautiful journey.

I have learned so much about the human mind and body and of course about myself. I have been working with powerful practitioners and shared my journey with many beautiful souls. It feels like the universe has always rewarded me for courageously following my path and doors keep on opening bringing more light into my life.

My first Yoga Teacher Training was one of those doors that flew open right in front of me. I couldn’t do anything else but walk through it, soak it all up and see where it leads me. It transformed my life rapidly and condensed my efforts in the direction of my work as a teacher and practitioner to share the light.

BE CONSCIOUS – Has become the Mantra of my journey. To me it is the core of the healing power of every Alternative Therapy and of the 8 limbs of Yoga.

Consciousness is our souls essence.

Connect with your consciousness and everything will fall in it’s perfect place.

My calling is to share this Mantra with you and to support you on your personal healing journey, the journey to connect with your true self.

My Education

Pranic Healing Level 2 • 2019 • Prana Works, Germany


300hr YTT (Yoga Alliance) • 2019 • WPYS, India


Pranic Healing Level 1 • 2017 • Prana Works, Germany


200hr YTT (Yoga Alliance) • 2016 • Santosh Puri Ashram, India


Business Yoga • 2016 • Yoga Vidya, Germany


200hr YTT (BYV) • 2015 • Yoga Vidya, Germany


Orthobionomy • 2015-2017 • Skala Natura, Germany


Traditional Homeopathy • 2015 • Skala Natura, Germany


German Naturopathy Program • 2012-2014 • In Natura, Germany


Ear Acupunture • 2014 • In Natura, Germany


Bachelor of Arts (Business) • 2007-2010 • DHBW/Daimler AG, Germany